Friday, July 27, 2012

Go For Gold

Going for gold is achieving more
Olympics games

Fighting till the end
Olympics medal
Rule for the team

Go for gold
Listen to the couch really hard
Dream for the gold.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inspire Me

Valerie Adams inspires me by the way she practices her shot puts every day
and the way she wins lots of medals.When she was 14, she started taking part in a school competition and being seen by Kirsten Hellier.

When she had her relationship with Kirsten Hellier she broke up with him and a few months they became friends, a few years later Kirsten Hellier was Valerie Adams adviser/coach.

Valerie Adams was born on the 6th of October,1984, in Rotorua which is in New Zealand, to a tongan mother( Lilika Ngauamo) and an English father (Sydney Adams) but the sad thing is that her mother passed away when Valerie was 16 years old.

Thanks to Dakota and Kevin for Checking my work.