Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Experimenting with popcorn

Tuesday 7th June By Britney Filimoehala
On Wednesday we went down to the hall kitchen to make yogurt popcorn. Mrs Slade opened the door and we had all the ingredients that we needed. While we were waiting Mrs Tepania went and got us some word finds to do. Mrs Slade called us one by one to stir the mixture and put in the ingredients. When the yogurt popcorn was ready Moala and I put the yogurt popcorn into cups and handed them out to the kids.When I tasted the yogurt popcorn it had too much maple syrup so Mrs Slade put in some more popcorn and it was delicious.The next day we made chicken stock popcorn.First we popped the popcorn and Mrs Slade pour the popcorn into a bowl and it was popping all over the table. I poured some oil into the popcorn so it would help the chicken stock stick to the popcorn.When it was ready we had a little taste and tasted nice and delicious.

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  1. Hello my name is Beatrice and I am from Te Puke Primary school. I really think your blog is interesting how you presented your work. I liked your background because it really stands out from all of your hard work you've done at your school.


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