Friday, May 25, 2012

Losing The Keys!!

Earlier that day I went to school. On the way I went to the shop to buy my lunch. Sandwiches looked delicious, so I bought a chicken one. Yum, I couldn’t wait for lunchtime! While walking past the patrollers I had a feeling that something was lost. Weird, I should be thinking about seeing my friends but I couldn’t get rid of this feeling.

I put my hand in the pocket that should have had my key in. It was gone! I ran back towards the shop but the bell rang. I turned around and came to class. I told my teacher that my key was gone. He said, “Too bad, Too sad. You have writing to do.”

All day I worried about my key. It felt like it was all I could think of. Morning tea, lunch came and went. I couldn’t stop being anxious.
Finally, the bell rang. I dashed to the shop. I searched on the floor, no luck! I asked the shopkeeper if she had seen a key. I described the key to her. It was gold, solid gold. The design was in the shape of a flower and it was as long as a carrot, (Not a really big or really small carrot. One that was bite-size.)

She produced, under the counter, a large, plastic bag of keys. She said, “All these keys have been lost in my shop. Let’s have a look.” So, she tipped all of them out onto the counter. There was my key. I was so excited I hugged her. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I paid for my sandwich. Next time I will keep my key in a safe place.

Thanks to Vanila for editing my work.!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Holiday

In the holiday my family and i went on the first week  to my cousin's birthday party over her house.
What i did  helping my mum for cooking the food.What we made was butter chicken and fruit salad.
When we were finish we got ready and we went down but my mum was saying is everything here? 'but when i looked at the back there were no drink and i shout out we forgot the drink at home so we had to go all the way back home to get the drink then  my uncle call and said hurry up the family is waiting and we hurry down to Panmure to the birthday party at his house i was so a special when i saw my cousin and it was her 21st birthday.

In my second week of holiday  we had sunday school are we all got told to read the bible in tongan but when we were all take turn for our practise some of the words was hard to say but lucky my sister was sitting next to me and she help me learn some of the words and i was one of the lucky ones that didn't get it right but i tried my hardes and even the same at school.

In my third week of holiday i went for a sleep over at my sisters house and to see my baby nieces it was so cool when i went over. what we did was walking all the way to shop to do  shopping with my sister, what we bought was ice cream,cake,pizza, lollies and my nieces milk. On the sunday my sister and i went with my my to church it was so boring because some of the words in the bible i didn't know.When i went home i got change into normal cloths and my mum was doing my uniforms and my little bothers uniform.What a cool holiday this year.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Art Alive


This term we have been learning about art in room 19. We have been painting and learning about Van Gogh, Picasso, Henri Matisse, Monet and an artist from New Zealand, Danielle Hulme. We have been learning to paint like them using line and colour.

I have enjoyed learning about Van Gogh because his paintings look real. His use of brushstrokes and colour captures a moment in time.

This picture show Van Gogh shoes in 1886.