Friday, September 28, 2012

The Photo

The Marist under-12 rugby team had to get their photo taken. We waited for 2 boys to come but they ended up
not coming.
When we walked into the room, there were chairs and the photographer waiting for us. He came up to our coach and said, "Hello and asked what team are we?"

When he took our photo the first time we forgot, one more person should be there, it was the assistant coach. Then one of our players ran and looked for him. He came in and he said, “Sorry about that, I forgot.”.
When we finally took our photo everybody looked beautiful and good-looking in their uniform.


Stomach Churning

“What a  lovely day”, said  Kate, The sun shining through her bedroom window and right into her eyes.
Ring, ring! She picked up her mobile phone and answered it, it was her friends Mary and Kelly they told her that she was invited to the Rainbow’s End, then Kate rushed to her mother’s room and asked if she could go, her mother replied “ummm, ok Better be home by 9.45 o'clock”. 

She called up her friends and say she was ready to come and to pick her up, they replied “ok”. 

When they got there Kate said  “Wow”  this is so big and exciting”. When they were riding the roller coaster, they went up and down an their stomach felt like it was going to burst. When the roller coaster stopped all there eyes felt crazy.
“It was spectacular,” Mary said, “I want to do that again!”. I screamed.  

Thank you Chanel For checking my work

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Do you know that smoking is not good for younger people. You may ask WHY?

Why is smoking so bad for you? One day you might get cancer from the chemicals in cigarettes. Smoking causes heart disease and. stroke. Men and women can get develop lung cancer.

Even the younger children can understand that smoking is bad for their body. Your chances of getting disease are greater if you smoke. 

It important to keep talking to kids about the dangers of tobacco and smoking..