Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Friends and Family

Writing about friends:
Hi my name is Britney I am 12, today I will be talking about my best friends at school ..
I have 6 best friends their names are Mary, Roezala, Moala, Asena and Jaylee.
Well I will be talking about Mary first then it goes on.....
About Mary(12/Y8): I hang out with Mary, she is funny all the time, I  like her and she is normal. When we have fitness down at the reserve we always always get into trouble! At rugby training we get told off and told to stop fighting.
About Roezala(12/Y8): Roezala is a clown when we have morning tea and lunch or in class she like to dance and sing. She loves kick boxing and she is really good at it.
About Moala(12/Y8): Oh! Moala she’s normal and if  she hears that Mrs Squires say that
we have fitness running around the reserve she will go and hide or ask the office if they need
About Asena (11/Y7): She’s funny, crazy in class and getting into trouble from Mrs Squires. When it morning tea we always like to hang out at the streets with Mary, Andra and Te Rina. They are very funny - they throw things at each other and get into trouble.
About Jaylee(13/Y8): Hanging out with Jaylee at training feels like she is my coach. She loves
sport so much. Her mum is the best coach. Jaylee is funny, crazy....

My Family:      
Hi My name is Britney I am 12 years old I am a year 8 student in Pt England Intermediate. My teacher is Helen Squires. I have 2 sisters plus me is 3 and 4 brothers. I am the second youngest.
My hobbies are sports, reading and math. At school on Thursdays we go down to Tamaki College for Technology (tech). Our class at tech is Hard material , Cooking tech and Graphics with different teachers. At school we love our teachers.