Friday, September 20, 2013

Creative Strand Movie Along With Our Reflection.

ASB from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

We worked really hard at planning our movie and rap. Our storyboard was really good because we explained what we were going to film and draw really well. Well we got pictures from the internet which was kind of stealing so we improved by drawing it on a plain black paper with pastel.

Our message was to show that Sally Ride was the first women in space and I think we actually showed it. Our purpose was to show that Sally Ride was representing her country and she made her country proud. We conveyed really well with our message and we were really proud. I think we achieved a 2 or 3 but maybe next time we could improve and maybe achieve a 4.

Well our filming techniques were alright but it wasn’t steady enough. We used different angles like close up and medium shots. The sound quality was really impressing because it really matched with our shots.

Our acting was really good because Roezala (Sally Ride) acted really serious. We showed different kinds of emotions in our movie. Maybe next time we could show more emotions and act our hearts out.

In our movie we had alot of graphics and it conveyed pretty well with our rap. Our timing was also good. The graphics were really detailed and was just the best graphics we’ve ever had in our movie. Our graphics were not traced because we drew it with our own hands.

Our movie flowed really well because our rap was fast but we worked really hard to make our film/graphics suit with our rap. The movie we made connects really well from one scene to another scene.

My group (Asena, Serenity, Britney) known as ASB worked really hard to finish our movie to a high standard. We contributed really well with our rap and also editing our movie. We worked excellently at disagreements because we would just forget about and do something we all want to do. We managed our time really well and finished 1st or 2nd. I think next time we need to add more filming next time to really improve.