Tuesday, December 10, 2013


OH MY GOSH... !! 15 more days until Christmas I am really excited already decorated the Christmas tree and put presents under the tree.. cant wait until it reach that day grabbing the present from underneath the Christmas tree.. open up all the present that was given from friends and family.. even thou if you want more just grab one of your sibling one hehehe NA!! i was kidding!!! heheeh ....checkout what's inside.... no matter if it yucky, gross and ugly... it still BEAUTIFUL... cause it a gift from someone that LOVES you.... I just cant wait until it CHRISTMAS DAY <3.............

R.I.P Paul Walker :(

Hearing a sad news about Paul Walker died I couldn’t even hold my tears, my tears just roll down like it’s RAIN!!!... I thought of all the really great acting he did and now that he’s gone who would replace him?.. I was just so surprised to know how did he die and why has he gone SO fast an early. I actually hate to hear that he died from a car crash because the whole car burnt down and how would he feel right now with pain? He was like the coolest actor to me and he really made the movie fast and furious more cool movie...

Paul Walker was a great gentlemen. He was always smiling and his acting was really impressive. He changed the world in the movie fast and furious. He is a really humble guy... His quote is one of the best quotes, this is his quote
“If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.” This quote made me feel really, really happy and sad at the same time :(... all his FAN will miss him and they will not forgot HIM his in their HEART...

All these years, hearing his name was actually the best thing ever, but then hearing that he had passed was kinda like someone in my family passing away... I was actually really shocked because I found out he had passed 3 days after he died. It was heart breaking to hear this and it’s like he’s still here. I am so, soo happy because he’s in gods hands now and probably looking down from heaven and praying for his fast and furious crew and his family!... it WAS soooo SAD... :(


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Maths Strategy (working it out )

1. In a survey 198 households had no internet and 38 did. How many households were in the survey?
or 23+?=198

A: 38+2= 40+60= 100+98= 160

add the bold ones not the non bold!!

2. There were 224 students at St Martins school. 78 walked to school and the rest walked. How many walked?
or 78+?=224

78+2= 80+20= 100+100= 200+24=146

3. There were 5 paddocks and each had 42 sheep in them? How many sheep were there altogether?
42X5= 210
200+10= 210

4.Sione shared out his cards with his friends. He had 55 cards and shared the between 5 friends. How many did each friend get :

5x1=5   you add the two number in the MIDDLE!

5. ⅘ of the class are going swimming and the rest  are on detention for forgetting their togs, (this is 7 students) How many are in the class.
4/5 of 7=?
A: -there are 5 boxes and in each boxes there are 7 then add it

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Math Strategy ( by working it out MYSELF )

 Mineus. There were 225 people at the movies than 8 had to leave. How many were left?

- 8+?=225
A: 225-8=217 -  8+217=225

( using reeves and jump! ) 8______+92___________+100_______________+25____225   
                                                                       100                          200
25= 217                        

Fraction. John has a pizza he has cut into 16 pieces? He eats some then leaves 3/4 of the pizza for the rest of the family How many slices did he eat and how many are left for the family?
= 4,  4 times 4
= 16 so john has eaten 4 pizza’s and left 4 more for the family...

Multiplication.  Tessa has bought 40 mini chocolate bars to put in goodie bags at her party. She has 8 goodie bags. How many does she need to put in each?
= 5 because 5 times 8 = 40 
and she puts 5 mini chocolate bars in each GOODIE bag....

Addition. Trevor has to drive 422 km’s. He looks at his odometer and sees he has gone 289 kms. How much further has he got to go?
422 - ? = 289       289 - ? = 422     

289 + 1 = 290    290 + 10 = 300   300 +122 = 422
122 + 10 + 1 = 133
(using number line)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Math Strategy

1: John has a pizza he has cut into 16 pieces? He eats some then leaves ¾ of the pizza for the rest of the family How many slices did he eat and how many are left for the family?

- On top I film my self showing you how I work it out...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Mihi Mihi

Kia ora tatou, kua hui mai nei ,  tenei huihuinga , ki te ako I  Te reo Maori
Greetings to us all,  Who have gathered here , to this gathering , to learn The  Maori language .

te aroha,  kanui te koa to, mo  koutou kaingakau, ki te hapai i te reo Maori
the love ,   great is the happiness, for your interest commitment to uplift the Maori language...

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena ra tatou katoa
Therefore greetings once, greetings twice, greetings again to us all.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When I Started At Pt England School

Draft Writing Doc:
-Term 4
-Week  1

-Topic: My first day at Pt England School.
-Purpose: To share and recapture your memories and feeling of this.
-Audience: Your peers and first teachers

-What do you remember from you first days or weeks at Pt England?
-Who brought you to school?
-My Mum and Dad)-(but my grandpa was MOST!)

-Who was your first teacher?
-Mrs Lal
-Which class were you in?
-Room 1

-Did you know anyone else in the class? Did anyone else start on that day with you?
-I went to school together with Moala but the thing was that she always CRY! for her mum. (SHE was annoying!) And yes I had another cousin called Enselina that use to come to Pt England but the sad thing was that she had to leave to Australia because her older brother had a moved there... :(

-Can you describe what you looked like? Were you in a brand new uniform? Did it fit well?
-Yes was in new uniform and I could fit it... but that time I was small.. (but NOW!...  
-How were you feeling? (If you can’t remember you could imagine how you think you were -feeling and describe that)?
- I was a bit nervous and scary because the others was staring at me when I walked in LATE .... but when Mrs Lal came and talked to me and interject myself then I was OK to stay at school without my mum ...( I Love school when I started there was no Problem on the first day) ...

-Do you have a significant or favourite memory or story of your early days?
YES.... When Moala always CRYS for her mum... and memory's of my Grandpa....

-Title: The first day at school...
:When I first started at Pt England School I was excited because I love going to school. When I met the teacher I was a bit scared because I thought that she was one of thoughts teachers that like to growled kids when that don’t listen... But Mrs Lal was a kind teacher.... In the morning the first thing thing we did was introducing ourself to the others.... (well that time I was a bit F.O.B) because how I was born at Tonga.. yea and that all I remember!  

Puppet donated to Museum of America

It has been that a number of the amazing Muppets and Sesame Street crew such as Miss Piggy , Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Fozzie Bear and Kermit the frog have been  donated to the National Museum of American History in Washington. Jim Henson’s puppets and props have been donated on the anniversary of Jim Hensons Birthday. The lovely Miss Piggy will be on television  in the Early of 2014  next year and the other muppets and sesame street characters will be displayed in November. The collection won’t be on display immediately as they need to be repaired in the museum. The museum’s senior costumes keeper, Suna Park Evan., and director of The Jim Henson Legacy, Bonnie Erickson, are working together to make these repairs. can’t wait until it out to watch...!

My Top 5 dream Jobs

1- Flight attendant...
1)Because I wants to travel the world!.
2) Because I want to explore the world...
3)Because I wants to know people from other place and village...

1) Because I wants to film better...
2) Because I wants to learn about filming
3) Because I wants to

3- Doctor/Nurse (Hospital)
1) Because I want to know how to save other peoples lives
2) Because I want to know how to be a doctor
3) Because if one of your family get hurt then your there for it...

4- Chocolate Taster..!
1) Because I love eating CHOCOLATE!..
2) Because I want to learn how to make secret CHOCOLATE!!!!...
3) Because chocolate is yummmy...

5- Police woman
1) Because I want to know what to do when you're a POLICE woman
2) Because I want to learn more about being a police woman/man !  
3) Because I want to become ONE!!..

My Book...

The reason why I chose this book because it looked interesting and it's a fiction book and
I think it's base true story in the 1840 about a lady that made a new song in the land... so I can not wait until I start reading the book.. My book is the green one but the other one it belongs to Eleva..

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Going up to be the last week of the holidays..

Monday morning was like a dream... had a phone call and it was my cousin... " hey you want to come down we have camp on "?.. ME" um ok..!... the last week of holiday was AMAZING because i had fun and it was the best holiday ever... I really enjoy my holidays...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Last day of school

Going up to be the last week of the school finally, i was thinking to myself i just cant wait until it happens..When our assembly start ...i was thinking about the end of the day saying goodbye to our lovely teacher and classmates, but i was just dreaming. When assembly was about to start i said to myself " oh my god i forgot my teacher gift. then after the great talk that Mr Burt did... but all i heard was when he told us all about the hoildays rules .. have a great day Pt England ....

My Mum's Birthday..

October was a very special day form my family... you know cause October the 1st is my mom's birthday... what we did for her bithday was singing the happy birthday song then we bless her with LOVE...
Then after dinner we had a call from the hospital.... we all got up and thinking what was going on... then it was my cousin saying that she's got her baby and its a baby boy... his name was PATRICK but the sad thing was that she had to stay at the hospital for this whole week or she might come back on Thursday morning... congrat... CUZ...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Creative Strand Movie Along With Our Reflection.

ASB from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

We worked really hard at planning our movie and rap. Our storyboard was really good because we explained what we were going to film and draw really well. Well we got pictures from the internet which was kind of stealing so we improved by drawing it on a plain black paper with pastel.

Our message was to show that Sally Ride was the first women in space and I think we actually showed it. Our purpose was to show that Sally Ride was representing her country and she made her country proud. We conveyed really well with our message and we were really proud. I think we achieved a 2 or 3 but maybe next time we could improve and maybe achieve a 4.

Well our filming techniques were alright but it wasn’t steady enough. We used different angles like close up and medium shots. The sound quality was really impressing because it really matched with our shots.

Our acting was really good because Roezala (Sally Ride) acted really serious. We showed different kinds of emotions in our movie. Maybe next time we could show more emotions and act our hearts out.

In our movie we had alot of graphics and it conveyed pretty well with our rap. Our timing was also good. The graphics were really detailed and was just the best graphics we’ve ever had in our movie. Our graphics were not traced because we drew it with our own hands.

Our movie flowed really well because our rap was fast but we worked really hard to make our film/graphics suit with our rap. The movie we made connects really well from one scene to another scene.

My group (Asena, Serenity, Britney) known as ASB worked really hard to finish our movie to a high standard. We contributed really well with our rap and also editing our movie. We worked excellently at disagreements because we would just forget about and do something we all want to do. We managed our time really well and finished 1st or 2nd. I think next time we need to add more filming next time to really improve.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Michael Jackson Notes

Michael Jackson Notes

Name: Michael Jackson       
Full name: Michael Joseph Jackson   
Nickname: King of pop
Date of birth: Aug 29th 1958
Date of death: June 25 2009
Place of birth: Gray Indiana
Place of death: Los Angeles, California
AKA: Michael Jackson
Occupation: Dancer, Songwriter, Music, Producer, Singer

Why was Michael Jackson Famous in the 80’s?

1- The reason why Michael Jackson was famous in the 1980’s because he was one of
the first TRUE breakout star on the video ERA. Michael sold more than 750 million of album
and 13 NO.1 singles and 13 grammy award...

2- Second reason why he was famous in the 1980’s, Thriller and Bad were two hits in the 80’s
became a star when he was 11 years old and he was......
* Star of pop
* King of pop
* known as his moonwalk

About Michael Jackson’s:

Michael was born in August 29th 1958 and was born at Gary Indiana, when he was a young child he performed as a leader in the Jackson family as a popular Motown Group.
Michael’s  Father was a guitarist but has but aside musician and believing that his son has talents. He moulded them into a musical group in the early of 1960’s. But first the Jackson
family performs Consists.

Monday, August 12, 2013

MHKR Presentation

Lifes a Stage

Different teams getting up to show what they got...
From Teams 1 to 5....
Each teachers had to dress up in different costume  
Acting: Dancing, Sing, Showing their presentation

P1. Walking into the hall on Monday morning.... hearing the wired song thinking  why that song....
As Mr Burt walks in “ hello everyone i’m James Taylor ”! and telling us  all about him.
Then after he was interjecting himself he called up the team 1 and ... the teachers jumped up with joy, excited and had waited for their turn...

P2. The team 1’s acted was awesome the teachers was on stage interjecting themselves to us
and sharing what they got.... after that the twisting and dancing..... then after the Mr Burt
said “ round of a plod to Team 1 and 2 ”..... The teachers were dancing to there sits and waiting patiently for the next group.... Mr Burt yelled “ say hello and a round of a plods to the team 3”....
with his James Taylor voice.

P3. Cinderella, Beauty in the Beast, The fairy, Snow White came on stage with a big smile on their  face...and there title is “Find your Prince”... and one of the student shouted out “ Camera Rolling in 5,4,3,2,1”... Start! The fairy interjecting herself. Then asking one of the princess to come up and say how they are and wishing who's going to be there prince One by One.. then after interjecting themselves a man ran in on the stage and said “ oh my pretty thing”....