Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Maths Strategy (working it out )

1. In a survey 198 households had no internet and 38 did. How many households were in the survey?
or 23+?=198

A: 38+2= 40+60= 100+98= 160

add the bold ones not the non bold!!

2. There were 224 students at St Martins school. 78 walked to school and the rest walked. How many walked?
or 78+?=224

78+2= 80+20= 100+100= 200+24=146

3. There were 5 paddocks and each had 42 sheep in them? How many sheep were there altogether?
42X5= 210
200+10= 210

4.Sione shared out his cards with his friends. He had 55 cards and shared the between 5 friends. How many did each friend get :

5x1=5   you add the two number in the MIDDLE!

5. ⅘ of the class are going swimming and the rest  are on detention for forgetting their togs, (this is 7 students) How many are in the class.
4/5 of 7=?
A: -there are 5 boxes and in each boxes there are 7 then add it

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