Tuesday, April 16, 2013

karakia For Te Reo Moari

Hope you enjoy Thank you for watching:D

Fia Fia Is Coming

"FIAFIA is coming, oh my gosh I can't wait!" On Thursday the 18nth of April Pt England School are having a Fiafia night, every kid that goes to Pt England School is performing in their culture groups. Each kid's family will be attending on the big night to watch their beautiful son/daughter shine on the stage with there beautiful culture group. Everyone in the Tongan, Samoan, Niue, Asian, Bollywood,  Cook Island and Hip Hop groups are going to be fantastic on stage showing there performing act . Recently we have been practising every week. I believe everybody has been working really hard for Fiafia night and our family's will be proud of us! There is only 2 more day until fiafia.....  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Derelict House

Roezala was walking home after she had Kick boxing training it was a really hot sunny day. When she was walking she saw this horrible house she felt like stopping for a rest so she did. Then when she was walking towards the footpath got up to the grass she saw shattered glass on the deck and some on the grass and steps. She felt scared to open the door because there were spider webs on the door when she open it was so quiet and inside she saw wallpaper coming off the wall and holes on wall and on the floors.

So she watched when she was walking because she may fall into the holes or get her feet stuck. She was walking and she heard the door going to shut so she ran to stop it but it was too late and it got stuck. Roezala searched thrown the whole house she went and saw the kitchen it had faded paint and windows are cracked and walls had a big holes on it. When she went throw the laundry room she saw rats going pass and she saw a big group of fly’s and a line of ants going pass so she ran screaming outside to the backyard she saw the bin tip over and birds were in there.Then when Roezala always come back from her kick boxing training every day she will  never go near the horrible house again.

My Holiday

The holidays was just to amazing.  Going down the beach was a great time hang out with my family and make a big smile on my face.

While we were packing our stuff it started raining what are ugly day I said to myself just have a great time at the beach but nek mint the rain was poring. My little brother was complaining a lot but he was right like screaming to dad and crying to mum about the ugly day. I was thinking to myself " what about the going down to the pools?" Na! screamed my brother the pools Boring! " I love swimming at the beach it better bay.

Stks Fa'au Rhythm and Brown

Term Reflection

My highlight for this term was Fia Fia practise going down to Tamaki College for Tech
Te Reo Maori with Mrs Tito Reading With Miss Vaafusuaga and joining in for sport in school.  Meeting new student from last year and a great teacher Mrs Squires.

The least enjoyable event  for me this term  was the Triathlon. It was the scariest event I  have ever done with other students watching me riding the bike and running and swimming but I didn't swim. Te Reo with Mrs Tito was also challenging with me having to get up in front of the class and say the karakia. I was so nervous.

This term was great because of meeting new studenst and learning more. I have mucked up
a little

with my work by not listening to what I'm supposed to be doing. I have not really completed all my work this term so Im going to try to not do the same thing next term. When I work with others we share our ideas and then we choose which idea is better. This helps us know more. When we go into groups we share ideas and add some from other idea and then we will all complete the tasks. I listen to others ideas and put it together.  

 My goals for next term are to get on with it .. Listen to the teacher and do what I get told to do..... Listen to the coach and finish it off properly.