Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When I Started At Pt England School

Draft Writing Doc:
-Term 4
-Week  1

-Topic: My first day at Pt England School.
-Purpose: To share and recapture your memories and feeling of this.
-Audience: Your peers and first teachers

-What do you remember from you first days or weeks at Pt England?
-Who brought you to school?
-My Mum and Dad)-(but my grandpa was MOST!)

-Who was your first teacher?
-Mrs Lal
-Which class were you in?
-Room 1

-Did you know anyone else in the class? Did anyone else start on that day with you?
-I went to school together with Moala but the thing was that she always CRY! for her mum. (SHE was annoying!) And yes I had another cousin called Enselina that use to come to Pt England but the sad thing was that she had to leave to Australia because her older brother had a moved there... :(

-Can you describe what you looked like? Were you in a brand new uniform? Did it fit well?
-Yes was in new uniform and I could fit it... but that time I was small.. (but NOW!...  
-How were you feeling? (If you can’t remember you could imagine how you think you were -feeling and describe that)?
- I was a bit nervous and scary because the others was staring at me when I walked in LATE .... but when Mrs Lal came and talked to me and interject myself then I was OK to stay at school without my mum ...( I Love school when I started there was no Problem on the first day) ...

-Do you have a significant or favourite memory or story of your early days?
YES.... When Moala always CRYS for her mum... and memory's of my Grandpa....

-Title: The first day at school...
:When I first started at Pt England School I was excited because I love going to school. When I met the teacher I was a bit scared because I thought that she was one of thoughts teachers that like to growled kids when that don’t listen... But Mrs Lal was a kind teacher.... In the morning the first thing thing we did was introducing ourself to the others.... (well that time I was a bit F.O.B) because how I was born at Tonga.. yea and that all I remember!  

Puppet donated to Museum of America

It has been that a number of the amazing Muppets and Sesame Street crew such as Miss Piggy , Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Fozzie Bear and Kermit the frog have been  donated to the National Museum of American History in Washington. Jim Henson’s puppets and props have been donated on the anniversary of Jim Hensons Birthday. The lovely Miss Piggy will be on television  in the Early of 2014  next year and the other muppets and sesame street characters will be displayed in November. The collection won’t be on display immediately as they need to be repaired in the museum. The museum’s senior costumes keeper, Suna Park Evan., and director of The Jim Henson Legacy, Bonnie Erickson, are working together to make these repairs. can’t wait until it out to watch...!

My Top 5 dream Jobs

1- Flight attendant...
1)Because I wants to travel the world!.
2) Because I want to explore the world...
3)Because I wants to know people from other place and village...

1) Because I wants to film better...
2) Because I wants to learn about filming
3) Because I wants to

3- Doctor/Nurse (Hospital)
1) Because I want to know how to save other peoples lives
2) Because I want to know how to be a doctor
3) Because if one of your family get hurt then your there for it...

4- Chocolate Taster..!
1) Because I love eating CHOCOLATE!..
2) Because I want to learn how to make secret CHOCOLATE!!!!...
3) Because chocolate is yummmy...

5- Police woman
1) Because I want to know what to do when you're a POLICE woman
2) Because I want to learn more about being a police woman/man !  
3) Because I want to become ONE!!..

My Book...

The reason why I chose this book because it looked interesting and it's a fiction book and
I think it's base true story in the 1840 about a lady that made a new song in the land... so I can not wait until I start reading the book.. My book is the green one but the other one it belongs to Eleva..

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Going up to be the last week of the holidays..

Monday morning was like a dream... had a phone call and it was my cousin... " hey you want to come down we have camp on "?.. ME" um ok..!... the last week of holiday was AMAZING because i had fun and it was the best holiday ever... I really enjoy my holidays...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Last day of school

Going up to be the last week of the school finally, i was thinking to myself i just cant wait until it happens..When our assembly start ...i was thinking about the end of the day saying goodbye to our lovely teacher and classmates, but i was just dreaming. When assembly was about to start i said to myself " oh my god i forgot my teacher gift. then after the great talk that Mr Burt did... but all i heard was when he told us all about the hoildays rules .. have a great day Pt England ....

My Mum's Birthday..

October was a very special day form my family... you know cause October the 1st is my mom's birthday... what we did for her bithday was singing the happy birthday song then we bless her with LOVE...
Then after dinner we had a call from the hospital.... we all got up and thinking what was going on... then it was my cousin saying that she's got her baby and its a baby boy... his name was PATRICK but the sad thing was that she had to stay at the hospital for this whole week or she might come back on Thursday morning... congrat... CUZ...