Tuesday, December 10, 2013


OH MY GOSH... !! 15 more days until Christmas I am really excited already decorated the Christmas tree and put presents under the tree.. cant wait until it reach that day grabbing the present from underneath the Christmas tree.. open up all the present that was given from friends and family.. even thou if you want more just grab one of your sibling one hehehe NA!! i was kidding!!! heheeh ....checkout what's inside.... no matter if it yucky, gross and ugly... it still BEAUTIFUL... cause it a gift from someone that LOVES you.... I just cant wait until it CHRISTMAS DAY <3.............

R.I.P Paul Walker :(

Hearing a sad news about Paul Walker died I couldn’t even hold my tears, my tears just roll down like it’s RAIN!!!... I thought of all the really great acting he did and now that he’s gone who would replace him?.. I was just so surprised to know how did he die and why has he gone SO fast an early. I actually hate to hear that he died from a car crash because the whole car burnt down and how would he feel right now with pain? He was like the coolest actor to me and he really made the movie fast and furious more cool movie...

Paul Walker was a great gentlemen. He was always smiling and his acting was really impressive. He changed the world in the movie fast and furious. He is a really humble guy... His quote is one of the best quotes, this is his quote
“If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.” This quote made me feel really, really happy and sad at the same time :(... all his FAN will miss him and they will not forgot HIM his in their HEART...

All these years, hearing his name was actually the best thing ever, but then hearing that he had passed was kinda like someone in my family passing away... I was actually really shocked because I found out he had passed 3 days after he died. It was heart breaking to hear this and it’s like he’s still here. I am so, soo happy because he’s in gods hands now and probably looking down from heaven and praying for his fast and furious crew and his family!... it WAS soooo SAD... :(


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Maths Strategy (working it out )

1. In a survey 198 households had no internet and 38 did. How many households were in the survey?
or 23+?=198

A: 38+2= 40+60= 100+98= 160

add the bold ones not the non bold!!

2. There were 224 students at St Martins school. 78 walked to school and the rest walked. How many walked?
or 78+?=224

78+2= 80+20= 100+100= 200+24=146

3. There were 5 paddocks and each had 42 sheep in them? How many sheep were there altogether?
42X5= 210
200+10= 210

4.Sione shared out his cards with his friends. He had 55 cards and shared the between 5 friends. How many did each friend get :

5x1=5   you add the two number in the MIDDLE!

5. ⅘ of the class are going swimming and the rest  are on detention for forgetting their togs, (this is 7 students) How many are in the class.
4/5 of 7=?
A: -there are 5 boxes and in each boxes there are 7 then add it

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Math Strategy ( by working it out MYSELF )

 Mineus. There were 225 people at the movies than 8 had to leave. How many were left?

- 8+?=225
A: 225-8=217 -  8+217=225

( using reeves and jump! ) 8______+92___________+100_______________+25____225   
                                                                       100                          200
25= 217                        

Fraction. John has a pizza he has cut into 16 pieces? He eats some then leaves 3/4 of the pizza for the rest of the family How many slices did he eat and how many are left for the family?
= 4,  4 times 4
= 16 so john has eaten 4 pizza’s and left 4 more for the family...

Multiplication.  Tessa has bought 40 mini chocolate bars to put in goodie bags at her party. She has 8 goodie bags. How many does she need to put in each?
= 5 because 5 times 8 = 40 
and she puts 5 mini chocolate bars in each GOODIE bag....

Addition. Trevor has to drive 422 km’s. He looks at his odometer and sees he has gone 289 kms. How much further has he got to go?
422 - ? = 289       289 - ? = 422     

289 + 1 = 290    290 + 10 = 300   300 +122 = 422
122 + 10 + 1 = 133
(using number line)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Math Strategy

1: John has a pizza he has cut into 16 pieces? He eats some then leaves ¾ of the pizza for the rest of the family How many slices did he eat and how many are left for the family?

- On top I film my self showing you how I work it out...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Mihi Mihi

Kia ora tatou, kua hui mai nei ,  tenei huihuinga , ki te ako I  Te reo Maori
Greetings to us all,  Who have gathered here , to this gathering , to learn The  Maori language .

te aroha,  kanui te koa to, mo  koutou kaingakau, ki te hapai i te reo Maori
the love ,   great is the happiness, for your interest commitment to uplift the Maori language...

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena ra tatou katoa
Therefore greetings once, greetings twice, greetings again to us all.