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Michael Jackson Notes

Michael Jackson Notes

Name: Michael Jackson       
Full name: Michael Joseph Jackson   
Nickname: King of pop
Date of birth: Aug 29th 1958
Date of death: June 25 2009
Place of birth: Gray Indiana
Place of death: Los Angeles, California
AKA: Michael Jackson
Occupation: Dancer, Songwriter, Music, Producer, Singer

Why was Michael Jackson Famous in the 80’s?

1- The reason why Michael Jackson was famous in the 1980’s because he was one of
the first TRUE breakout star on the video ERA. Michael sold more than 750 million of album
and 13 NO.1 singles and 13 grammy award...

2- Second reason why he was famous in the 1980’s, Thriller and Bad were two hits in the 80’s
became a star when he was 11 years old and he was......
* Star of pop
* King of pop
* known as his moonwalk

About Michael Jackson’s:

Michael was born in August 29th 1958 and was born at Gary Indiana, when he was a young child he performed as a leader in the Jackson family as a popular Motown Group.
Michael’s  Father was a guitarist but has but aside musician and believing that his son has talents. He moulded them into a musical group in the early of 1960’s. But first the Jackson
family performs Consists.

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