Friday, August 9, 2013

Confusing day

It was a windy drizzly Tuesday morning. The clock struck  9.30 and Ala Wala was running so hard to get to class. Ala Wala  was so late, wondering what her teacher would say to her. She might miss out on an important notice. When she  got to class, her classmates asked her why was she so late. She  froze and didn’t say anything at all. There were strange things around her school... there were ZOMBLIES walking all over the  place..... she was confused and wondered whether she would be the only survivor...... in her thinking  bubble there was only one person that could help her, she whispered to herself “ MR BURT”....

While  she was walking she meet Cocky Locky, Cocky Locky asked Ala Wala where was she going she told him “i'm going to see Mr Burt , I’ve got to ask him why the students and teachers are transforming into zombies!” Cocky Locky asked “can I come with you?!”  “yes, join me” said
Ala Wala. “Come on lets go and find out what the problem is!”

While they were walking passed room 15 there heard a strange noise coming from the middle of the hallway.... while Ala Wala and Cocky Locky was walking  they meet Bubble Wobble, Bubble Wobble asked Ala Wala and Cocky Locky where they were heading too.  Ala Wala replied “we are heading to find Mr Burt, we want to ask why the students and Teachers transforming into Zombies!” Bubble Wobble asked Ala Wala and Cocky Locky if he could come. They replied “Yes you may.”

When they got to Mr Burts’ office they knocked on his door. But it took him ages to answer the door. Ala Wala, Cocky Locky and Bubble Bobble thought he was being suspicious. Something was weird, something might happen. Mr Burt was taking too long so Ala Wala opened the door. “Mr Burt?” - no answer. They all walked in and saw Mr Burt sitting on his chair facing his back towards them. THey slowly approach him when he suddenly turn around.



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