Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When I Started At Pt England School

Draft Writing Doc:
-Term 4
-Week  1

-Topic: My first day at Pt England School.
-Purpose: To share and recapture your memories and feeling of this.
-Audience: Your peers and first teachers

-What do you remember from you first days or weeks at Pt England?
-Who brought you to school?
-My Mum and Dad)-(but my grandpa was MOST!)

-Who was your first teacher?
-Mrs Lal
-Which class were you in?
-Room 1

-Did you know anyone else in the class? Did anyone else start on that day with you?
-I went to school together with Moala but the thing was that she always CRY! for her mum. (SHE was annoying!) And yes I had another cousin called Enselina that use to come to Pt England but the sad thing was that she had to leave to Australia because her older brother had a moved there... :(

-Can you describe what you looked like? Were you in a brand new uniform? Did it fit well?
-Yes was in new uniform and I could fit it... but that time I was small.. (but NOW!...  
-How were you feeling? (If you can’t remember you could imagine how you think you were -feeling and describe that)?
- I was a bit nervous and scary because the others was staring at me when I walked in LATE .... but when Mrs Lal came and talked to me and interject myself then I was OK to stay at school without my mum ...( I Love school when I started there was no Problem on the first day) ...

-Do you have a significant or favourite memory or story of your early days?
YES.... When Moala always CRYS for her mum... and memory's of my Grandpa....

-Title: The first day at school...
:When I first started at Pt England School I was excited because I love going to school. When I met the teacher I was a bit scared because I thought that she was one of thoughts teachers that like to growled kids when that don’t listen... But Mrs Lal was a kind teacher.... In the morning the first thing thing we did was introducing ourself to the others.... (well that time I was a bit F.O.B) because how I was born at Tonga.. yea and that all I remember!  

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