Friday, May 25, 2012

Losing The Keys!!

Earlier that day I went to school. On the way I went to the shop to buy my lunch. Sandwiches looked delicious, so I bought a chicken one. Yum, I couldn’t wait for lunchtime! While walking past the patrollers I had a feeling that something was lost. Weird, I should be thinking about seeing my friends but I couldn’t get rid of this feeling.

I put my hand in the pocket that should have had my key in. It was gone! I ran back towards the shop but the bell rang. I turned around and came to class. I told my teacher that my key was gone. He said, “Too bad, Too sad. You have writing to do.”

All day I worried about my key. It felt like it was all I could think of. Morning tea, lunch came and went. I couldn’t stop being anxious.
Finally, the bell rang. I dashed to the shop. I searched on the floor, no luck! I asked the shopkeeper if she had seen a key. I described the key to her. It was gold, solid gold. The design was in the shape of a flower and it was as long as a carrot, (Not a really big or really small carrot. One that was bite-size.)

She produced, under the counter, a large, plastic bag of keys. She said, “All these keys have been lost in my shop. Let’s have a look.” So, she tipped all of them out onto the counter. There was my key. I was so excited I hugged her. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I paid for my sandwich. Next time I will keep my key in a safe place.

Thanks to Vanila for editing my work.!!

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