Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nature or Nurture

1.What physical skills does a person need to be successful at sport? Coordination is on.

strength is another. Can you think of any others?


2.What mental skills are needed to be successful at sport? Willpower is one. Not giving up
is another. Can you add more?

3.Can you think of another athletics skills that a person is born with?

4.What athletics skills can a person acquire?

5.Check the statement below that most closely matches your opinion:

Good athletes are born that way.
Hard work and willpower will bring success in sports.
Both natural ability and hard work are important to a an athlete.

Paragraph 1:

I believe natural abilities and hard work are important succeed as an athlete. They need to work hard, eat healthy
food and drink plenty of water to build up their muscle and get even stronger. natural ability?

Paragraph 2:
At my school a friend of mine proves this. She really loves netball and she is really good at other sport. She really good at acting, profroming and her name is Jaylee Manase she is my favouite sport lady.

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